5 Accounting & Finance jobs in China

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Beijing, Beijing, China

Reference: CN149962

Posted on: 20/05/2019

Salary: CNY 60.00 -> 72.00 Per year

Job type: Permanent


1.本科财务管理、会计相关专业,中级以上职称,具备注册会计师资格者优先; 2.五年以上高新企业财务经理工作经验,同时传统贸易、互联网公司的工作经验者优先; 3.具有全面的财务专业知识、账务处理及财务管理经验; 4.精通国家财税法律规范,具备优秀的职业判断能力和丰富的财会项目分析处理经验; 5.熟悉会计准则以及相关的财务、税务、审计法规、政策;

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Reference: CN149655

Posted on: 14/05/2019

Job type: Permanent

Hi All, I'm currently recruiting for this position. Please click on the job title below to view the Job Description and apply to it!

* Education: Bachelor's degree or above in accounting or financial management related majors. * Min. 10 years in Finance/Controlling environment ideally in a team leadership role. * Proficiency in China accounting standard and international financial reporting standard. * Strong controlling business partner ski...

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Reference: CN150786

Posted on: 13/05/2019

Job type: Permanent


职责描述: 1. 推动公司授权体系的建设,定期维护并检查执行情况。 2. 推动内控体系的建设并督促执行。 3. 独立/协助开展公司的财务审计、经营管理审计和其他专项审计工作。 4. 独立/协助开展公司的内控审计,监督检查内控制度的完整性、合理性、实施的有效性。 5. 根据审计制度,编制审计工作底稿,获取审计证据,撰写审计报告,提出审计整改意见。 任职要求: 1. 会计、审计或相关专业本科以上学历。 2. 10年以上工作经验,有国内上市企业内部审计三年以上工作经验。 3. 熟悉审计工作业务、审计准则及制度、规范和企业经营管理、风险控制知识;掌握会计准则、企业会计...

Guangzhou Shi, Guangzhou, China

Reference: CN144068

Posted on: 30/04/2019

Job type: Permanent

I am currently looking for a senior compliance manager for a world leading FMCG giant in Guangzhou.

ESTABLISH COMPLIANCE * Establish compliance standards and compliance frameworks based on internal policies (e.g., Code of Conduct, SP3 and SOPs) and local law and regulations * Conduct on-boarding as well as continuous training on compliance standards, business practices and current developments. * Independent...

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Reference: CN150337

Posted on: 29/04/2019

Job type: Permanent

Public International Electronic/Semiconductor manufacturer

Major responsibilities include the following: * Manage short term and long term production equipment capacity planning and manning model to ensure successful volume ramp based on customer demand. * Closely track all direct and indirect manufacturing costs, and help the management to achieve quarterly and yea...