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Shenzhen Shi, Shenzhen

Reference: CN130462

Posted on: 15/05/2018

Job type: Permanent

Lead quality team, improve quality and reduce costs

Essential Functions * Re-establish corporate quality strategy and annual planning * Reinforce compliance of systems, structures, and regulations in ISO, BRC, International FDA, GMP, HACCP, lab regulations, government requirements, etc. * Upgrade Quality systems, including supplier management, risk manageme...

Shenzhen Shi, Shenzhen

Reference: CN135328

Posted on: 04/05/2018

Job type: Permanent


职位描述: 1、负责研究区块链协议、运行机制、底层实现、算法等; 2、负责基于区块链的产品的设计和研发; 3、负责跟踪互联网领域区块链技术的发展,并应用于实际研发产品中。 任职要求: 1、本科及以上学历,至少2年以上区块链相关开发经验优先 2、精通 Golang,C++任意一种开发语言; 3、熟悉区块链平台产品,如 Bitcoin,Ethereum,Hyperledger 等,深入理解区块链核心技术; 4、理解主流共识算法,包括不限于 PoW,PoS,DPoS,PBFT,Paxos,Raft 等; 5、熟悉数据结构和算法,对密码学,安全协议和加...